Why Choose Us?

With over 10 years of surf, we have a huge experience in this cool sport. We offer high quality over quantity Kitesurfing and Windsurfing lessons. Stay with us.

Windsurfing Lessons

Kite Family instructors will give you the special attention necessary in a private surf lesson. Our instructors will teach you the fundamentals which guide you through the tough process of learning how to surf. No matter your skill level, you will learn the basics of board handling, positioning, paddling, various techniques on getting to your feet, surfing etiquette, ocean knowledge, and water safety.
  1. One hour 1/hr – 30 Euro
  2. Two Hours 2/hr – 58 Euro
  3. Three Hours 3/hr – 85 Euro
  4. Six Hours 6/hr – 165 Euro
  5. Twelve Hours 10/hr – 250 Euro

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